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We have worked with Healthcare Startups & Innovation Centers.

SINGULARITY powers healthcare applications with application data management, data warehousing, IoT device integrations, and machine learning.


Hospital Enablement Solutions

Transform critical care with real-time monitoring, and insights powering maximum patient safety and efficiency

Patient Monitoring Solutions

Personalize care with real-time device-driven insights. Tailor medication, therapy, and support based on individual needs


Wellness Solutions

Build personalized wellness journeys. Apple, Google, CGMs, and more - seamlessly integrated

Clinical Research Solutions

Build and manage golden datasets for trusted research, medical breakthroughs, and faster advancements


Medical Data Interoperability Solutions

HIPAA compliance is essential as it ensures the protection and confidentiality of personal health information. It instills trust among patients and prevents data breaches, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive data. Overall, HIPAA compliance safeguards patient privacy, maintains trust, and mitigates risks associated with health information.

Patient Engagement Solutions

Craft patient engagement solutions with integrated devices, care management, and collaborative features

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