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We provide the technology and support startups need to develop groundbreaking AI-powered applications and platforms, positioning them for market leadership.


We bring over 17 years of experience helping enterprise customers across Europe & U.S. digitize by building a range of enterprise products such as Master Data Management, Product Information Management, E-commerce, and Dynamic Publishing Systems.


Before founding EKAYAA, we worked with a diverse group of customers, in Europe & U.S., from large manufacturers, and retail chains to high-end brands, and helped them build a solid omnichannel data strategy backed by MDM.


At EKAYAA, we're transforming the way startups and enterprises build and launch their applications and platforms.

From Healthcare startups to Medical Device Innovation Centers, we've been instrumental in building tailor-made applications and platforms with high performance and scalability.

The Team


Manini Puranik

Co-founder & CEO

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18+ years spearheading the development of data-driven solutions:

MDM, PIM, Analytics, E-Commerce.

Led German tech company growth from inception to 200+ employees. Co-founded EKAYAA, building agile Data Platforms and IoT solutions for revolutionizing Healthcare data.

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Rajnikanth Poojary

Co-founder & CTO

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16+ years of architecting enterprise software:

Built and led high-performing software teams from scratch. Full-stack expertise across diverse technologies, delivering successful integrations in Healthcare, ERPs, MDMs, E-commerce, Publishing, Analytics, Payments, and Banking systems.


Gayatri Ramamurthi

Technical Architect

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17+ years in diverse industry roles in tech and management:

Translating research to prototypes, offering solutions in PIM, Media Assets Management, D2C, eCommerce, Dynamic publishing, Analytics, Support, Telephony, and Insurance/Risk Assessment.

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