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Data Intensive Applications

Transform your business with the power of data-driven decisions, discover hidden insights about your store's performance and become the master of your own success story.


Near real-time data

Elevate your decision-making process and gain valuable insights into customer interactions.
Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences, and behaviors to tailor products to better meet customers' demands.
Enhance customer experiences, leading to stronger relationships, and increased customer loyalty.

Fully-customizable dashboards

Built-in Data Intelligence & Analytics that helps you define and build customized insights and reports for your entire application ecosystem.

Create & connect Dashboards with custom charts and scorecards.

Collect, ingest and transform data in just a few clicks.


ML-Based Intelligence

Make predictions, identify patterns, and make decisions that can be used in e-commerce websites to make personalized recommendations to customers.
Model high-level abstractions in data with deep learning. 
Integration of analytics, and ML improves data intelligence, predictions, and decisions.


Tailor campaigns and messages to specific segments of customers
Analytics-driven automation can be used to streamline the process of creating and executing marketing campaigns
Transform your data into actionable insights and automate your marketing decisions with the power of analytics-driven automation

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