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Tailor-made applications and platforms at lightning speed
Hyper-scalable robust solutions at a lightning speed

Our innovative low-code framework comes equipped with everything that is needed to launch platforms - streamlined access management, scalable data management, user-friendly interfaces across devices, analytics, e-commerce capabilities, and more. 

Our team of seasoned enterprise architects leverages decades of experience and expertise in a range of open-source technologies to revolutionize speed and success.


Multi-Device Apps


Multi-Device Apps

Experience seamless functionality across all devices with multi-device applications..

Our highly configurable UI framework allows you to manage your UI development with ease.

Get multi-device apps built on a common codebase reducing the effort and hassle of managing multiple codebases.

Polyglot Data Framework

Our polyglot data management framework covers all types of data that your application needs.

Whether it is master data, transactional data, analytics data, log data, or IoT data, we've got you covered.
We use best-in-class databases with a mix of on-prem and cloud-based offerings to choose from.
Simply configure your data model and all your data management APIs (REST & GraphQL) are available out of the box.



Robust Data Management


Automation & Integrations


Automation & Integrations

Powerful automations and integrations across all your third-party or custom-built applications.

End-to-end flow management that is fast, and serverless.

Create powerful workflows that manage complicated user processes across multiple integration points complete with comprehensive logging.

Analytics & Intelligence

Built-in Data Intelligence & Analytics that helps you define and build customized insights and reports for your entire application ecosystem.

Collect, ingest, and transform data in just a few clicks.

Create & connect Dashboards with custom charts and scorecards.

Connect ML models and boost the insights and get recommendations.



Analytics & Intelligence


Seamless Access Management

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Seamless Access Management

Seamless Access Management (SAM) is a comprehensive solution for controlling and managing access to your applications, features, and data. It unifies access control into a single system, streamlining the process and providing a consistent set of operations. SAM integrates with OAuth and other identity management tools, ensuring a secure and seamless user experience. With SAM, you can easily manage permissions, monitor and control access, and enforce policies to keep your data secure. SAM provides a robust security layer that protects your applications and data, while still providing easy access to authorized users.

360° customization ready

A highly customizable framework that allows you to customize all aspects of your platform.

Integrate & Extend features across applications.

Capture custom events, and automate integrations and workflows.

Integrate existing applications and extend their API capabilities.

Create & Connect Platform APIs for all your applications.


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360° customization ready

Automation & Integration
Analytics & Intelligence
Seamless Access Management
360 Customization Ready
Polyglot Data Framework
Multi-Device Apps
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